Aeranthes Lindley.
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Erasanthe henrici (Schltr.) P.J.Cribb, Hermans & D.L.Roberts
henrici Schltr.)

Plants with big flowers, endemic in Madagascar.
Grows epiphytic at about 1000 m in humid, evergreen forest. Needs bright shadow and 2-3 dryer months in winter (northern hemisphere),
intermediate greenhouse.

Aeranthes virginalis
                         D.L. Roberts
Endemic on Moheli Island of the Comoros.

The plant was grown in Kew (from seeds given to Kew by a Belgian mission) and when in flower described by D.L. Roberts.
It is a planty for temperate culture.

Aeranthes grandiflora Lindl.

An orchids species from Madagascar and the Comoros.
The plants should be grow in temperate conditions.

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                                                                                          Aeranthes virginalis D.L. Roberts Aeranthes virginalis D.L. Roberts
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Aeranthes grandiflora Lindl. Aeranthes grandiflora Lindl. - Lindenia, plate 109 - 1887 Aeranthes grandiflora Lindl. - Dict. Iconogr. des Orchidées, plate 1-1896-1907
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