Genus Cattleya Lindley

Cattleya aclandiae Lindley

In my greenhouse, this species flowers at the end of the summertime. In nature (Bresil) the plants flower in late springtime. In nature the plants grow in a sub-xerophytic, hot climate. And... I grow the plants in my cool greenhouse where they flower every year. Very strange!
Cattleya amethystoglossa                   Linden & Rchb.f.

A bifoliate
species from Bresil. I grow this species in my cold greenhouse where it has all possible light in the Belgien (Europe) climate conditions.
Cattleya araguaiensis

A unifoliate Brasilian Cattleya-species, described in 1967.. The plant remains small, about 20 centimeters, but the flowers can be as big as 10 centimeters or more across. This species likes a lot of light, not to humid conditions and temperate culture.

Cattleya bicolor Lindley

The lip of this species has no lateral lobes (which can be seen in most of its hybrids if not all). Plants, native to Bresil, can be hughe (1 m). They flower with 2 to 5 flowers.
The 'fringed' form on the righthand picture is sometimes called var. brasiliensis Fowlie or grossii Kränzlin (Fowlie in 'The Brazilian Bifoliate Cattleyas and Their Color Varieties)

Catlleya kerrii
                Brieger & Bicalho

A rare bifoliate Brasilian Cattleya species that has been described in 1976. The flowers might be as big as 6-7 centimeters diameter. I grow it in very light conditions but in a rather cold temperture
Cattleya mossiae Hooker
                         f. semi-alba

Cattleya mossiae is in flower-color a very variable species from Northern Venezuela that needs to be grown in the warm-temperate greenhouse.
Cattleya schillerianaRchb.f. var. imperialis

A bifoliate Brasilian
Cattleya species.
The size of the plant is small (pseudobulbs to 15-20 cnetimeters), the flowers easyly become 10 centimeters across. This species prefers temperate temeratures, light and not to humid culture. The variety shown above is the var.


Cattleya schofieldiana                                   Rchb.f.

A well perfumed
Cattleya-species with bright greenish flowers (10-12 cm diameter).
I grow my plant in temperate to cool conditons, a bit dry during wintertime but always as bright as possible (which is not always evident here in Belgium).

Cattleya skinneri Batem.

A Cattleya-species with small flowers (about 9 cm) from Mexico to Northern South America. My plants flower near the end of the wintertime. I grow them temperate with a relative dry winterrest.

Cattleya tigrina A. Richard
(syn. C. leopoldii     Verschaffelt ex Lemaire)

A species from Bresil, plant (about 1 m) with several flowers, 7 cm diameter, from a green sheat.


Cattleya velutina Rchb.f.

I grow this bilofiate Brasilian Cattleya-species in my temperate greenhouse where I give her a lot of light.
  Cattleya walkerianan Gardner var. alba

I grow this bifoliate Brasilian Cattleya-species in my temperate greenhouse and gives her a lot of light but not at all direct sunlight.