Genus Cuitlauzina Lex.

Cuitlauzina pendula La Llave & Lexarza

I grow this very charming species from Mexico in my cold greenhouse. The plant needs a severe, dry rest period after the pseudobulb has grown to maturity. Watering starts in springtime when the new leaves have reached 10 cm lenght and when the flowerspike becomes visible.

Till 1975, when Halbinger re-accepted the name Cuitlauzina most of the orchidworld knew this species as Odontoglossum pendulum (La Llave & Lex.) Batem. or as Odontoglossum citrosmum Lindl.
Cuitlauzina is a monotypic genus. This means that within the genus we know only one species: Cuitlauzina pendula La Llave & Lexarza.