Genus Laelia Lindl.

Laelia are this days (2014) placed in the genus Cattleya.

I grow all my Brasilian Laelia-species (Cattleya-species) in cold to intermediate conditions. They receive the most as possible light in Belgium .


Laelia crispa (Lindl.) Rchb.
f. coerulea
Cattleya crispa Lindl.

Laelia dayana Rchb.f.
Cattleya dayana Rchb.f.
Laelia perrinii(Lindl.) Bateman
Cattleya perrinii Lindl.
Laelia milleri Blumensch. ex Pabst                                  
= Cattleya milleri (Blumensch. ex Pabst) Van den Berg

This Laelia-species (Cattleya-species) doesn't grow easily and doesn't flower often.
Laelia pumila (Hooker) Rchb.f. forma delicata
Cattleya pumila Hook. forma delicata
Laelia purpurata Lindley & Paxton forma alba
Cattleya purpurata (Lindl. & Paxton) Van den Berg
Laelia sincorana Schltr.
Cattleya sincorana (Schltr.) Van den Berg