Genus Oncidium Sw.

Oncidium divaricatum                                     Lindl.

This Oncidium-species grew and flowered very well on the windowsill where I could give her very bright and warm conditions in a more or less dry environment. Since the plant is in my temperate greenhouse she's not doing well anymore. I'll have to move her to my warm greenhouse also trying to provide more light.
Oncidium ansiferum                                  Rchb.f. (syn. Oncidium lankesteri Ames)
I grew this Costa Rican plant (where the seeds came from) from seed.
She makes me, in my warm greenhouse, beautiful and long lasting but bizare perfumed flowers.
Oncidium varicosum Lindl. f. concolor

This Brazilian plant flowers here in Belgium about every autumn with a 4 centimeter big lip. I grow her in my temperate greenhouse. After the flowering period she needs a dry rest till the new growth appears at the end of the year.

Oncidium kramerianum                                   Rchb.f.
(syn. Psychopsis krameriana (Rchb.f.) H.G.Jones)

Oncidium papilio Lindl.
(syn. Psychopsis papilio (Lindl.) H.G.Jones)
Oncidium versteegianum                                     Pulle
(syn. Psychopsis versteegianum (Pulle) Lückel & Braem

In this group in the Oncidium-genus we find 4 species: O. kramerianum, O. papilio,
. sanderae and O. versteegianum.
All species except O. kramerianum have flattened flowerspikes. O. kramerianum and O. papilio have only 2 important column wings.
O. versteegianum and O. sanderae have several dread-like column wings as you can see above.
In my collection I also have the concolor form of O. papilio.
O. sanderae is rare in nature and in collections.
All this plants like warm and bright conditions and they also prefer a humid environment, especialy for their roost. They do not appreciate at all wet leaves or pseudobulbs.
There is a beautiful hybrid between O. papilio and O. kramerianum: O. Kahilii.