Genus Prosthechea Knowles & Westc.

Almost all Prosthechea-species have been known as Epidendrum-species,
Encyclia-species, Hormidium-species and/or Epicladium-species.
All Prosthechea-species come from South Florida, Mexico and tropical America.

Prosthechea cochleata
                 (L.) W.E.Higgins
synonyms are:
- Epidendrum cochleatum L.,
Anacheilium cochleatum (L.) Hoffmanns and
- Encyclia cochleata (L.) Dressler

I grow this species temperate with a lot of light and a relative dry winterrest.


Prosthechea radiata             (Lindl.) W.E.Higgins
synonyms are:
- Epidendrum radiatum Lindl.,
- Anacheilium
Pabst, Moutinho & A.V.Pinto and
Encyclia radiata (Lindl.) Dressler

I grow this plant in my cold greenhouse. The flowers distribute a very strong sweet perfume, especialy when it is sunny and warm. Also this species requires a dry winterrest.