Genus Stanhopea Frost

Stanhopea tigrina
nigroviolacea Morren

A Stanhopea-species with big flowers, up to 18 cm.

The illustrations here come from a plant that survived 'since ever' in a hughe paper production factory in Zarnesti, Braşov district Rumania. Many of those hughe factories (all kind) used the spare heat to heat hughe greenhouses. In those greenhouse flowers ware grown or vegetables such as salads, tomatoes, peperonies, ...

I grow a Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea in my temperate greenhouse, bright and the compost almost never drys out.


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The Genus Stanhopea
part 1 & 2
- part 1:
S. anfracta to S. napoensis
- part 2:
S. nigripes
to S. xytrio-
in Caesiana,
Italian Journal of Orchidology &
Journal of the European Orchid Council (till 2010).